Over hills, over meadows,

Through the city streets,

Lakes oceans together flow,

A path from yonder,

To the sands of Jersey,

Flows a thread that binds


Joining hands,

Breaking paths,

Wandering tracks,

Penning thoughts

Roses to thorns, Souls to ashes

Will you be my friend?

Even after the sun sets down?


A thread of friendship,

An unknown togetherness,

Binding the pain around,

Making the promise unsaid,

I will be forever

Forever I will be.




A few bruises and a wedding ’95

Unbelievable! This shouldn’t be happening to me I thought. It was just a week more to go for supposedly the-most-important-day in a girl’s life, and here I was studying for exams in my room. The whole house was bustling with activity, my cousins were discussing clothes and jewelry, my aunts were fighting about traditions that should be followed, my parents and brother were looking at the dwindling money pot and even my dog was running around in a state of excitement! The only one who was sour and dowdy was poor me.

I was in my final year engineering and had three more days of mid-year exams to finish. I wanted to do well but couldn’t focus. I was torn between exams and my wedding. A choice no one should have to face. I was mad at everyone for spoiling such an important life event but I knew they could do nothing, as the date was ‘auspicious’. Everyone, except me was discussing me, and to top it my mom was yelling at me to focus on my exams. I wanted to scream!

Giving up, I realized that staying in the house would be detrimental to my health and maybe others too. My friend Shubha had come over to my place so we could study together but since that was not happening, we decided to go to her house instead.

She had come to my house on a motorized bike and since my brother had taken our bike out, my only option was to take the bicycle. I hopped on it and sped away with my friend.

Obviously Shubha was going faster and I was struggling to stay with her. I then got the brilliant idea to hold on to her shoulders while she smoothly dragged me along with the power of her bike. Well, need I continue??


It was thrilling and exciting, the wind in my face and riding alongside her without breaking a sweat. It was easy and breezy! Suddenly, she made a sharp turn onto a gravel path, that lead towards her house and as I did not expect the friction change of paths, the expected did happen! I struggled to stay in control of my bike but I slipped and went flying towards the ground, bike, body, gravel and all. The gravel made the fall worse and I ended up with many bruises on my elbows, hands and knees. The thought of breaking the news to my mom brought more tears to my eyes but somehow survived her wrath. Needless to say, I had huge bruises on my wedding day and had to use lot of band-aids and make up to conceal it all.

Review: Hansee toh phansee


Hansee toh phansee…the title is not only directed at the lead characters but also towards the audience. So yes, the first time you smile or laugh in the theatre, you realize that you are hooked! The movie is like a salad of emotions. There are tangy characters, sweet moments, dry humor, crisp dialogues and a healthy dose of emotions. In recent times, I haven’t seen a movie so fresh and endearing.

The lead pair seem totally a mismatch but haven’t we all heard about unlike poles attracting each other. The underlying magnetism is palpable, such that you want to root for them even before they know it themselves. Its what love is made of. Not the candy floss kind but the real kind where you go through the grind of emotions, trust, friendship, pain until it all comes together. Every moment in the movie is real, be it the hugs, the kisses, the laughter, the smiles or the heart wrenching tears. Go watch it if you have been in a love you shouldn’t have, or watch it because you believe that everything happens for a reason, or if you believe in those chance encounters that are life changing, or just watch it if you are your dad’s little princess, or if you have felt very different and misunderstood from the rest of the world…there are myriad ways one can connect with the movie and everyone is bound to have that ‘A-ha’ moment when you make that connection.

This is also one movie where every single supporting actor adds to the story. Not only that but they are also the people you are bound to have met at some point…some where in your life. They bring life to the movie. Watch out for the brother or the music lover or the dad or the friend… each one is perfectly placed and used.

The music is again a plus, there are three numbers which make your foot tap and three that make your heart tap. The lyrical flow of Zehnaseeb….tujhe chahoon betahaasha or manchala…mann chala teri ore and ishq bulava… Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan, Tainu takda rawaan all tug at your heart in different ways and it stays with you long after the music has stopped.

So yes, main hansee aur phasee!! You might be misty eyed throughout the movie, either because you laughed too much or because your heart hurt too much. But then life always brings you both, all is good as long as, in the end, you make it a happy valentines day 🙂

Cogito Ergo Sum

I think, therefore I am. I am and therefore I think. Thinking is my identity, my existential need of everyday, every minute. Often times, I have been chastised by many, for thinking too much, for analyzing too much, but if I didn’t, I really wouldn’t exist. It wouldn’t be me. My thinking today has taken me back a few years, to a time when I was doing my masters. The time when I was introduced to the greats like, Descartes, Plato, Aristotle and many others. There were many topics that tickled my brain and of course got me thinking more! Few of them that I want to discuss here are ‘Determinism’, ‘Predeterminism’, ‘Fatalism’ and Freewill. Here is my attempt to put it in as simple terms as possible.


 Determinism: In simple words, determinism means that what you are going to do tomorrow has already been decided by the choices you made yesterday. There is no way you can change what is bound to happen. The paths you choose and the choices you make in life have already been decided. Even if I was given ten choices, it has been decided that I will choose to write about philosophy today. Nothing else.

 Predeterminism: This term has sometimes been exchanged with determinism. It is almost similar but has a slight difference. Predeterminism has a theological connection to it. Simply said, what you are going to do tomorrow has been decided before you were born by God. Your karmas, your deeds, your past lives, decide your future path. No miracles and no chance events can happen. That I am in the business of education, was decided by my past deeds of my past lives. So if I have done something wrong in this life, could I just blame it on the past and not take responsibility because heck it was already decided I would do wrong? I have no say in it!

 Fatalism: It’s a special form of determinism wherein, every event in the future is fated to happen. There are no causal laws or higher powers that are involved. The saying ‘Que sera sera’ fits it perfectly. The bigger events are fated to happen. There may be some choices we can make about how we get to the big event but no matter what the event that was supposed to happen, will happen, at that exact moment. So if someone predicts I will have an accident tomorrow, I can stay home, lock my self indoors and not drive anywhere, yet, the accident is bound to happen. So why not drive everyday without a care because if it has to happen it will happen. Right?

 Free will: The most debated issue in philosophy is free will. What it states is that we as humans have a free will to decide what we want to do. It basically negates any kind of determinism or fatalism. Free will has many factors that it is free of, factors that otherwise bind us to do the right thing. Factors or constraints such as, logical, religious, fear of punishment, fear of society, or ethics. Our strong sense of freedom, forces us to believe in free will. But do we really have the freedom to do what we want to do?

The philosophy that binds us depends I guess on the life we have had and the experiences we have faced. Each experience in life pushes us towards a certain philosophy. If you dig deeper, you should be able to see the philosophy you subscribe to. It is hard to find the right answers in philosophy. Nothing is right or wrong. Everything is possible and impossible. We can only think about it and draw our own conclusions. Atleast I agree with Descartes when he says, Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am.