Turning wheels and flying wings,
Roads, runways, mountains and deserts,
Warm air, cracked earth with tepid rain,
Wayside hawkers and running mongrels,
The routines of the day and the din at nights,
Stillness of the mornings, temple bells chiming,
The air I breathe, a whiff of memories,
Sizzling pans and clanging pots,
Rocking chairs and morning walks,
Fresh water trickling, shuffling feet rushing,
Cool coconuts in the sweltering sun,
Hot savories frying in the pan,
Mouth watering, delectable, delicious and succulent,
Home made knick-knacks or roadside stands,
A bouquet of roses or jasmine on a strand,
The fragrance seeping, redolence inviting,

The ground beneath me feet is shifting,
The wind beneath my wings is lifting,
My dreams coming true, a homecoming long awaited,
O! To be home again.