We passed each other at that twilight hour,

You seemed to know me and so did I,

But I walked away with lowered eyes,

Only to turn back and catch you looking at me,

Joy and beauty in my heart is all I see,

With you I reveal setting myself free,


You talk like me

You feel like me

You are my soul

You make me whole

You are that stranger in my mirror


Connecting over words and phrases

A fire deep inside that blazes

Separated by a world in between

Yet a love so obscene

Can I not love myself thus?

Cos I am the stranger and the stranger is me




Moments in life just slip away,

Some just stick and stay,

Falling slowly onto the earth,

Today is all we have at hearth,

Some words impress the heart,

Some just hurt till you fall apart,

Few tears express the joy in the soul,

Few smiles hide the sorrowful hole,

Solitudes are precious reminders of friends,

Sinful happiness and playful interludes,

Traveling on a path you look behind,

A solitary journey with nowhere to go.


In the brightest light, 

You stand beside me,

Silent as ever,

Rising like the blackness

That comes from within

Always a part of me,

Like the evil within,

You make me whole,

As you follow me around,

A body of the soul,

Silence without you,

Cos without the sunshine,

I would cast no shadow



Turning wheels and flying wings,
Roads, runways, mountains and deserts,
Warm air, cracked earth with tepid rain,
Wayside hawkers and running mongrels,
The routines of the day and the din at nights,
Stillness of the mornings, temple bells chiming,
The air I breathe, a whiff of memories,
Sizzling pans and clanging pots,
Rocking chairs and morning walks,
Fresh water trickling, shuffling feet rushing,
Cool coconuts in the sweltering sun,
Hot savories frying in the pan,
Mouth watering, delectable, delicious and succulent,
Home made knick-knacks or roadside stands,
A bouquet of roses or jasmine on a strand,
The fragrance seeping, redolence inviting,

The ground beneath me feet is shifting,
The wind beneath my wings is lifting,
My dreams coming true, a homecoming long awaited,
O! To be home again.


Curtains rising

Birds are chirping, Feelings rushing

Friendship soaring, Happiness beginning

Who is counting, Hearts are ticking

Mind is wandering, Can’t stop talking

World is changing, Love is blooming

Emotions arousing, This can’t be happening

I have to be stopping, We shouldn’t be rushing

Now it’s crashing, Days are ending

I am counting, Where am I going

I feel like running, Why am I gasping

What am I searching, This is the meaning

Just not surprising, My heart is breaking

I too am hurting, Can’t stop crying

The wind is mourning,The silence is killing

Curtains falling


Lone Star

I look back in time, Imprints on sand,

Lost in the zephyr, Leaving no mark,

I stand alone, Back at the fork,

I remember my choice, 

Of the road, More traveled, 

I played it safe, And lost it all,

Touched the sky And learnt it all,

Only to know, I was a lone star,

Wasn’t always so, There were other stars,

But slow and steady, They took my shine,

Until I was left, In a black hole,

A star nevertheless,

But the twinkle, Long gone by,

Every breath I take, Silence everywhere,

I wonder if I can, Survive anymore.



Tall and bright looking up to the sun
Yellow petals rising from the auburn
Each one an entity of the vast field
The wind may blow but will never yield
Wild and carefree not a care of the world
Living and loving so beautiful and bold
Comes along time to pay a small visit
Forgetting itself lost in the morning mist
Aging very quickly losing all it’s youth
Drawn into the hourglass sand gone south
Alone in the vastness fighting the elements
From in and around O! the sentiments
Withering away all yellow gone white
Giving it all up without even a fight
And then the day comes reckoning
Like a Phoenix in the rising
Breaking barriers a heart bursts open
A new morning of hurt unspoken
The moment of glory is so short lived
A puff of wind it never survived
Surprised, disintegrated and dispersed
Flies away into the sky far far away
Never to be seen flying to the sun rays
Lost among the stars of the Orion
It’s a lonesome little Dandelion