We passed each other at that twilight hour,

You seemed to know me and so did I,

But I walked away with lowered eyes,

Only to turn back and catch you looking at me,

Joy and beauty in my heart is all I see,

With you I reveal setting myself free,


You talk like me

You feel like me

You are my soul

You make me whole

You are that stranger in my mirror


Connecting over words and phrases

A fire deep inside that blazes

Separated by a world in between

Yet a love so obscene

Can I not love myself thus?

Cos I am the stranger and the stranger is me




Curtains rising

Birds are chirping, Feelings rushing

Friendship soaring, Happiness beginning

Who is counting, Hearts are ticking

Mind is wandering, Can’t stop talking

World is changing, Love is blooming

Emotions arousing, This can’t be happening

I have to be stopping, We shouldn’t be rushing

Now it’s crashing, Days are ending

I am counting, Where am I going

I feel like running, Why am I gasping

What am I searching, This is the meaning

Just not surprising, My heart is breaking

I too am hurting, Can’t stop crying

The wind is mourning,The silence is killing

Curtains falling